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Prestige services for luxury packaging

Design your luxury packaging with a team and dedicated contacts serving the needs of your project.
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A comprehensive service

From design to manufacturing and storage, masger each stage of production of your luxury packaging through a short supply chain to guarantee a high degree of responsiveness and optimise your stock management.

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Bring your best luxury packaging ideas to life and put your brand in the spotlight by collaborating with the Parisian and New York design teams at Parcome Paris.

Unique creations with unique designs developed in the sampling room by our engineers and model makers who specialise in luxury packaging. Co-create prestige boxes with innovative embossing and customised mailer boxes with an environmentally friendly varnish finish


Let’s develop innovative and differentiating packaging together.

This design process consists in creating a draft of what your packaging will look like based on your needs and product functionality. Parcome’s team of designers shares their creative approach and uses the material you approve before it goes into production.

Designing a prototype gives you a realistic idea of what your luxury packaging will look like and saves you time and money.


Thanks to our two manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia, you can follow each stage of production thanks to Parcome Paris’ expertise in luxury packaging. 

Our integrated production tool ensure that our luxury packaging is manufactured to short, reliable lead times and controlled according to a European quality standard during audits by the largest groups.

Parcome Paris offers a premium manufacturing follow-up service to guarantee fast production at a lower cost


It is also essential that you rely on an efficient logistics service to manage the flow of your luxury packaging.

Parcome can deliver your products, by truck, container or aeroplane, in one or more shipments from our production sites around the world. Our premium service also guarantees stock deliveries on request to all stores of the same brand.


To constantly improve your stock management and avoid any shortages of your luxury packaging, the Parcome experts provide alerts and product offer suited to your needs.

Our own warehouses in China and France serve the various storage sites in the USA and provide timely deliveries, store by store.

Tracking your premium packaging inventory allows you to focus on what matters most: your business.