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Tailor-made luxury packaging

Showcase your brand or product with luxury packaging that is tailor-made and fully customisable in collaboration with our designers.
Custom-made luxury packaging

A remarkable impression

Make your luxury packaging reflect your brand, values and prestige. A wide range of inclusive designs, markings and finishes for innovative and fully customisable packaging.

01 - Unique design

Co-create boxes, cases, paper bags, e-commerce mailing boxes, inserts, pouches and other accessories with your appointed project manager and designer to best embody your ideas and convey the premium values of your brand.

Creators who are experts in luxury design and marketing and are passionate about their work, and will hallmark their creations with your brand image.

Find your ideal shopping bag for a product launch, a trendy tote bag to give to your customers or a set of reusable gift boxes, a real showcase for your products, suitable for your Advent calendar and personalise your design thanks to a wide variety of possible options.

02 - Striking finishes

Stand out from the crowd with premium materials and markings designed specifically for your needs.

Embossing or debossing, on a matt or glossy background, with or without a water-based varnish finish and laser or 90° angle cutting... Choose an aesthetic that appeals to your customers' emotions.

These finishing techniques are highly prized for the quality of the results, a testimony to excellence and their originality, and a sign of innovation and creativity by Parcome’s designers

03 - Personalised service

Optimised logistics and personalised production are our key to quality service that is tailor-made and fully adapted to your needs.

Thanks to our two production sites in Europe and Asia, Parcome can guarantee personalised management of your luxury packaging, on-demand monitoring and stock replenishment, as well as rapid on-call delivery to avoid any shortages.