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Luxury packaging marking and finishing

Enhance your luxury packaging with premium markings and finishes, bringing real added value to your product.

A prestigious name

Play with materials, relief and cut-outs to unleash your creativity and reveal your packaging’s full character. A wide range of options to make your project unique and appeal to the senses and emotions.

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01 - Embossing, debossing and hot stamping

These techniques, which are highly appreciated in luxury packaging for their premium finish, allow you to compose with reliefs, hollows and colours to leave your mark on the item.

Deeply design-oriented, these processes rely on hot or cold pressing to create slight reliefs (embossing) or depressions (debossing), into which colour or a metallic gold or silver finish (hot stamping) can be added by transferring a metallic film.

These markings have the advantage of being high quality and permanent, for a long-lasting high-end effect.

02 - Laminating

Laminating is a finishing process that takes place after printing. It consists in applying a thin layer of plastic over all your packaging. 

It offers additional protection for your item, but above all, is an aesthetic choice that will give it a sensibility when touched

Glossy, matt or soft touch effect: the Parcome team will help you determine the most appropriate finish for your product, constraints and, above all, desires.

03 - UV varnish

You can choose to perfect your finish by applying varnish to your packaging after printing. 

Beyond the durable element, with additional material protection, UV varnish can be applied fully or selectively to make your design shine and add depth to your creation.

04 - Cutting

Cutting at 90° or laser cutting, this post-printing stage allows you to play with shapes, patterns and levels, adding finesse and fine detail for an elaborate finish.

This purely aesthetic finish will undoubtedly add elegance to your packaging.

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