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Eco-responsible luxury packaging

Make your luxury packaging part of an eco-responsible approach and strengthen your customers’ commitment.
Eco-responsible luxury box

A more responsible symbol of excellence

Combine traditional and innovative materials to make your packaging strong and eco-responsible. An infinite number of more sustainable, responsible solutions that reinforce brand integrity and ethics, for luxury packaging in keeping with the times.

Eco-responsible luxury box
01 - Recyclability, sustainability, bio-sourcing and biodegradability

Even though luxury packaging is traditionally made of neutral and more easily recyclable mono-materials, such as paper and cardboard, our sustainable development strategy has led us to question all the ancillary elements: inserts, lamination, thermoformed moulds, etc.

As a supplier, our aim is to be proactive and put forward strong solutions, reinforcing research and developing new sustainable and recyclable materials and new eco-responsible practices. 

02 - FSC certified paper: 100%, FSC Mixed, FSC Recycled

Parcome Paris holds the FSC label, is committed to sourcing paper whose fiber comes directly from sustainably managed forests. Thereby the environmental impact generated by your products is limited, and can even contribute positively through reforestation.

With three levels of certification, FSC 100% (from well-managed forests), FSC Mix (paper from responsible sources) and FSC Recycled (made from reclaimed materials), you can create your luxury packaging using wood fibre from more sustainable forest management.

It is a reliable label recognised by the general public, and is part of an ethical, sustainable development strategy thanks to its eco-responsible packaging. 

03 - Up to 100% recycled paper and cardboard

These traditional mono-materials, easily recognisable and recyclable by the end consumer, promise the kind of irreproachable ethics, transparent commitment and reliability that is required of luxury packaging.

This eco-responsible packaging has been developed over many years and is constantly evolving, offering a wide choice of materials and colours while respecting the environment.

A proven alternative in line with the expectations of the luxury market and the challenges of our time.

04 - Vegetable ink

Make your company and luxury packaging more eco-responsible and innovative with longer lasting prints thanks to a more durable and resistant alternative: vegetable-based ink.

Vegetable-based ink is made from renewable raw materials sourced from plants (sugar, starch, cellulose, oil, resins). More environmentally friendly, it contains mostly vegetable oils and resins of natural origin.

05 - Solvent-free glue

This option, in which solvents are replaced by water, will make your luxury packaging less toxic for your customers and enable you to limit waste.

Solvent-free glue is an innovative and responsible solution that continues to progress and is ideal for establishing your commitment to sustainable development.

Primarily intended for gluing paper, wood, cardboard and textiles, you can count on the robustness and reliability of solvent-free glue.

06 - Alternatives to plastic lamination: water-based varnish and bio PLA

Offer moisture-resistant luxury packaging with glossy or matte finishes while integrating an ecological approach thanks to water-based varnish and PLA lamination (corn starch-based bioplastic).

Environmentally friendly alternatives that fit perfectly into your company’s sustainable development approach.