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For more responsible packaging

Luxury brands now carry the promise of a sustainable, more ethical and more responsible world. Parcome Paris aims to support them in this virtuous transformation, with complete transparency.
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Real prestige

Packaging shares what you do and who you are. It reflects your brand image. The one you desire, the one you hold. The one that touches the senses and the emotions.
It is you. Your values, your ethics, your commitments. Your relationship to the world.

Through it, we want to enable luxury companies to reconcile their high level of excellence, their commitments and the customer experience for an ever stronger and more coherent brand image. Through what commitments?

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A social and environmental commitment

At the heart of our growth is an ambitious CSR policy, in line with the demands of our customers, ISO standards and Ecovadis. 

With a global and inclusive approach, supported by strong investment in R&D and permanent sourcing of eco-responsible materials, we’re able to offer more sustainable alternatives without impacting the quality of our products.

But also the creation of our own factories we to better control our value chain, the recycling of our pre-consumer waste and wastewater, but also the social dimension.

Quality & Transparency

Investing in our own factories means giving ourselves every chance to meet our commitments, to evolve with our values and conscience and, above all, to act with transparency. Our factories are open to customers and are regularly audited.

With two Parcome Paris production sites in Slivnitsa (Bulgaria) and Dongguan (China), we can control every stage of the manufacturing process for continuous quality.

Une excellence certifiée

Behind our ambitions, beyond our convictions, there is evidence. 

  • AQL procedure
  • DRB: Defect Range Board
  • Systematic quality controls:  Incoming QC / Inline QC / Final QC
  • Team qualification and regular training
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