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Packaging: Five Key criteria for selecting the right supplier

Do you want to create packaging for your product that conveys the luxury values of your brand while respecting the budget and time constraints of your business?
October 22, 2020
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Do you want to create packaging for your product that conveys the luxury values of your brand while respecting the budget and time constraints of your business? Not sure how to choose the right supplier? Here are our five key criteria for making the right choice.

1- Select a partner which designs and produces

Because it’s always simpler to have a partner that understands the issues of manufacturing packaging from start to finish - concept and design, material costs, production, storage and transport - choosing a supplier that offers solutions from one end of the chain to the other is particularly helpful.  Fewer different suppliers and companies is the simplest and surest way to get a general overview, easy communication and additional bargaining power. Having their own factory is a major asset because it results in reduced production lead times, simplicity if the project changes, transparency, and flexibility.

2- Double check where the production is made

To reduce delivery times and costs, make sure that the production chain is located near your distribution centers. It is pointless looking for a factory in Europe if your clients or fulfillment centers are in Asia, and vice versa. This will also allow you to reduce or eliminate customs tariffs. Finally, this will let you get to know, or even visit if you can, the location where your packaging will be produced and to obtain assurances as to the design standards and quality of the finished product.

3- Find out about its logistics capability

Because logistics can quickly become a major constraint in terms of lead times and budget, it is important to consider the services that your supplier can offer you. If they have storage facilities and a fleet of vehicles, they will be in a position to distribute any order and reduce their carbon footprint by optimising their distribution management. This will also reduce the number of intermediaries talong the supply chain and be more effective.

4- Select a supplier specialised in the luxury sector

To be able to offer you packaging that aligns with your brand and your standing, and which responds to the specific expectations of your clients, choose a packaging supplier specialised in the luxury industry. Their ability to listen and to understand the challenges you face will be time saving and you will avoid a great deal of back and forth. Don’t forget that this packaging will be your first brand ambassador, so it must be fully in line with the culture of your brand.

5- Take into account its CSR commitments

It is important to ensure that your supplier understands and shares all or some of your company’s commitments from a societal and environmental point of view. This legitimises your message with your own clients who will be attentive to how consistent your choices are. And this strengthens your own internal approaches.

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